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Monday, July 16th 2012

3:26 AM

Naked preteen 11


Related article: Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 23:31:00 +0200 From: Luca Warberg Subject: College MemoirsStandard disclaimers apply. All rights reserved by the author. Quick intro:This story was inspired by John Walsh and his Fraternity Memoirs. I am currently still at university and am going through an experience very similar to what he went through. In fact, when I found out on the web that he had stopped writing for personal reasons (which those that followed his story probably know), I felt so betrayed on his behalf that I decided to write my own story. I know I am by no means a brilliant writer, and that compared to what he went through, I am probably not going to stack up to much. But this is my attempt at getting my life out there. Everything I say in here is 100% true.So: I want to dedicate this story to John Walsh. If he is out there, or if anyone knows him, please tell him to contact me! Otherwise, if anyone has any feedback, please drop me a mail at lucawarberggmail.comI am going to start this story at the end of my final year of school, during grade 12 vacation that we in South Africa call matric vac. In Australia I know it's referred to as Schoolies (more about how I know that later). Further, I suppose I should quickly describe myself at that stage, physically I mean. At that stage I was 19 years old, longish blond hair that I wore messy. I was really into lifesaving and swimming at school so I guess I was pretty well put together. At that stage I was swimming between 4 and 6 km a day at least four times a week illegal hot preteen and then still doing lifesaving on top of that. Needless to say I had quite a hectic speedo tan. I have really deep blue eyes (so I've been told) that change colour from deep, bright blue when I'm relaxed to a more pale, greeny-blue when I'm angry or stressed. I suppose if you think of a surfer, you'd probably think of someone that looks something like me. Without sounding vain, I've been told I'm reasonably goodlooking.Anyway, back to the story. The day after I wrote my last exam (Afrikaans), I was on an aeroplane headed for Brisbane, Australia to spend the matric vacation with my aunt and uncle. My parents were so happy that I decided not to go with my friends to Rage (a huge piss-up in the middle of the country) that they bought me the tickets. See as though I was a bit of a rebel child at school, I guess it's not surprising they were so relieved. So, I found myself fresh out of school on the way to Australia.I'll never forget the first day I arrived, my uncle picked me up from the airport in Brisbane and drove me to their house. On the way though, we went through a liquor store `drive through'. An idea no one seems to have been clever enough to follow up on in South Africa. Needless to say with my jet lag and young preteen cunt hardly any sleep on the plane (I watched movies the whole way), I got tipsy pretty quickly and eventually crashed. I woke up the underground pubescent preteens next day to find my aunt and uncle already gone to work. I had nothing much else to do, so I quickly cleaned up the house, and then grabbed a towel to lie out in the sun.Now I was by no means one of those pasty white looking people and as I mentioned I spent preteen masha model most of my time during high school outdoors, but I don't think I was quite ready for the Australian sun that day (despite it being my second time there). I lay in the sun between 12 and 2 that day. Now preteen indian if anyone has ever been to Australia (or comes from there) then you probably know that this is really frowned upon because of cancer and all the rest. Well, let's just say I got a really good tan that day. My aunt and uncle didn't have a pool, so I decided to quickly jump in a cold shower to cool down. I grabbed a beer out the fridge, put it on the shower ledge next to me and stood in front of the mirror to see how I tanned. I pulled my speedo down (I don't see the point of wearing shorts when no ones around) and was a tad surprised at how quickly i burnt. I started pressing my finger on over my chest at different places to see how badly I had burnt, and quickly became aroused. I played a bit with my nipples, and eventually whipped my dick out the speedo (one of those red speedo's with lifeguard written across the back in yellow). I was already half hard, so it only took a few strokes for me to get fully hard. Watching myself in the mirror, I looked down over my body. My skin, which had been a sort of copper colour had been burnt a deeper brown from lying in the sun. I pulled my speedo off and there was preteen pussy masturbating a white triangle formed around my crotch from cute preteen angles where my speedo preteen hc had been. The huge difference in colour turned me on even more and I slowly started pumping my cock. I illegal hot preteen watched my abs rise and fall in the mirror as I breathed. I dropped my hand from nipples to my pubes, which are a sandy blond colour (much darker than the really really blond hair on my head) and started playing with them. Meanwhile, my other hand was pumping faster and faster. I started breathing really hard, in quick, ragged breaths. I moved my hands and started pulling my balls. For some reason I have hardly any hair on my balls, so I love the feeling of them moving and flopping around as I jerk off. I let my eyes drift across my cut body. I wasn't big, but was really defined. I felt my orgasm building up as I started tensing my muscles. My pecs and abs flared as I felt the first waves preteen magic models of ecstasy course through my body, then recede, just to come back even stronger. Meanwhile i kept muttering to myself, "Oh yeah, fuck yeah". Sweat was dripping down my face and back because it must have been around forty degrees centigrade. Every time I felt myself about to come, I would stop jerking for a few seconds, then start again. Eventually I couldn't hold it off anymore. tiny teens preteen I shot a string of jism onto the mirror. Now I don't usually shoot very far, but pre teen blowjob because of exams and lifesaving, I hadn't gotten off for about a week. The next wad hit the taps infront of me and the final string fell into the basin. The rest dribbled from my cockhead onto the bathroom cabinet. I quickly got some toilet paper, whipped it up and jumped into the cold shower. My first orgasm in Australia (and the most boring one preteen nonude pictures I would have there) was over.The cold water felt really good as it ran over my body. I quickly washed all the sweat from my body, and rinsed my hair out. I jumped out the shower, and towelled myself dry. I pulled on some boxer briefs and a pair of short white rugby pants. I towelled my hair dry and left it as well. I watched t.v. for the rest of the day and had a few beers. By five o'clock I walked outside and lit up a fire to braai (or barbeque for non-South Africans). I love the feeling of having been in the sun all day, my skin slightly burnt, the smell of burning braai wood in the air and the flames making my skin tingle even more. Around half an hour later my uncle returned from work and we started hitting the beers hard! Hope you guys enjoyed the first part of my story. It's not a hell of a lot of sex I know, and since this is the first time I'm attempting to write for nifty, I would appreciate some pointers! For what it's worth, this is possibly my most boring day in Australia. That night, my uncle and I had a conversation that would result in ALOT of fun for me a few days later (not with my uncle for all the sick puppies out there haha).Lucalucawarberggmail.com
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Monday, July 16th 2012

12:00 AM

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